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Capacity in technology – geodesic equipments

The Center is able to carry out designing, construction, inspection and acceptance of the leveling of topographic maps, cadastral maps, geological maps, status maps in the construction planning at all scales.

The Center could undertake the designing and construction of surveyor works for industrial, civil, irrigation and transportation works as well as monitoring of construction deformation.

The Cener is capable of digitizing maps, using software from MapInfo  Corporation  and  Intergraph  Corporation, meeting the technical standards of digitization of topographic maps by the General Administration of Land Survey.

The Center is empowered to set up topographic maps for the designing and construction of industrial, civil, transport, irrigation, road and bridges, construction, planning and renovation of urban areas; establishment of cadastral maps for granting land and land/house use on the national scale.

The Center is equipped with machinery and instruments of high precision including electronic measuring machines, Japanese automatic leveling machines from Topcon, Japan and global GPS Locator from the Federal Republic of Germany.


Defining the location and altitude by precise GPS Trimble 4600


Electric Leveling Machine



Using professional software to process data

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