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Capacity in technology – geophysical equipment

1. Well-logging

The Center is capaple to use American digital MGX-II equipment to define precisely the geological stratum, positions of aquifers/ aquitards and water quality by interpreting the parameters including electrical resistivity of surrounding soil, mud and point resistance, radioactivity intensity, temperature, borehole diameter… and able to measure the borehole with the depth up to 700m.


Well-logging station and results

2. Electrical sounding

This work aims to identify the boundary between unconsolidated sediments and bedrock, determining the boundaries of salty water – fresh water in terms of the area and the depth, searching for potential  aquifers in unconsolidated sediments, basalt, weathered and cracked bedrock. In addition, geophysical electrical sounding shall also help effectively for geological  surveys  and  environmental  studies

Thietbido ABEM SAS 400



Arrangement of polar system



Electrical Image Cross-section at Đăk Min - Đăk Nông



Map of the allocation of salty-fresh aquifers and Geological – Geophysical Cross sections

3. Survey on the operation of drilled wells

It is possible to carry out surveys on the operational status of drilled wells with GeoVision – New technology borehole camera with high resolution.

mayGeoVISION Jr Micro

GeoVISION Jr Micro TM camera


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